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Opens May 16th



Stag & Lion presents George Bernard Shaw’s 1912 comedy “Pygmalion.” Henry Higgins is a brilliant and arrogant professor of phonetics whose passion is the English language. He is bet that he can’t transform and pass a poor flower girl off as a duchess. The flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, is anxious at first to find a better station in life—but can she fully embrace this new world? A play on class and the perceptions we see through that lens this comedy has been loved for generations and is perfect for the whole family. Sure to invoke discussions on language, class, and gender it is as important now as it was over 100 years ago.

Shakespeare in New York City

​Based in our home on the upper west side at Trinity Church Theatre.

Since 2012, the Stag & Lion family has shared our love for the Bard with our friends and neighbors every summer...and now all year long  we invite you on our journey as we continue to grow in our efforts to produce professional, quality Shakespeare for everyone.

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